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We’re here to help the portfolio companies of our VC partners tackle this head on and succeed.
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Co-Founder & General Partner

秋元 信行

Nobuyuki Akimoto

Aki co-founded AT Partners in 2018. He has been consistently engaged in Open Innovation through collaboration with global startups. Prior to ATP, he established a US research institute, then founded CVC as its first CEO in Silicon Valley. He established and managed CVC in Japan as well.

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Co-Founder & General Partner

土佐林 淳

Jun Tosabayashi

Jun co-founded AT Partners in 2018 with extensive experience in the foundation of CVC, a series of fund operations, and cross-border M&A in startups, venture capitals, and enterprises. Prior to ATP, he worked in startups in the U.S. and Japan including experience in the launch and exit of startups.

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CTO & Partner

小山 倫世

Noriyo Koyama

Noriyo joined AT Partners in 2019 as CTO & Partner with extensive service & solution development experience, including machine learning, server applications, recommendation engines using big data, and sentiment analysis systems. Prior to ATP, He awarded 2018 global top SE for the first time outside of the US in a major US big data analytics company.

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CBDO & Partner

有本 昌生

Masaki Arimoto

Masaki joined AT Partners in 2021 as CBDO & Partner in charge of business development between global startups and Japan. He has a wide range of experience in Biz Dev, including strategic planning, cross-border M&A, JV establishments, and venture investments. Prior to ATP, he engaged in promoting business collaboration with Japanese & global startups.